The Word on wood
The school collection is a selection of wood pieces designed for schools. The prayer trees, pedestals and eco awards are all hand crafted and each one unique. All made from fallen forest seasoned oak.

Prayer tree 
Reflect pedestal 

 Prayer cross

Solid oak stump prayer
tree with 6 stainless
steel rod hooked branches
50cm width inc branches
80 cm height
Solid oak reflect pedestal  
shows the word 'reflect'
in a mirror from the wood 
engraved above
45 cm height
18 cm width
Solid oak standing 
prayer cross. The holes at
the bottom of the cross hold
paper prayers. 
Please enquire for my
£130 + P&P £15
£55 +P&P £15





Core values tree 


Pocket prayer pieces


Let your light shine


6 stainless steel branches,
with oak inscribed 
fruit. Choose your school
values for the tree. 
80cm height
35cm width  
Hand holding size oak 
pieces to prompt children 
to think of what to prayer.
This is an example of 
a school motto engraved 
on the side of a solid piece
of oak. Great to have on 
display for all to see. 
 £130 + P&P £15
£15 + P&P £3.50
Price depends on size and 
number of words. 





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